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Hexamine Plant

We offer the complete technology of Hexamine manufacturing Plants in the country. The Hexamine manufacturing Plants designed by us is a Gas- Gas based reaction which is only possible from a Silver Catalyst based Formaldehyde Plants. We also do offer the plants starting with Liquid Formaldehyde. With our technical expertise, we have been able to develop an indigenous technology for Hexamine plant that is economical as well as efficient. The plant gives high yields of Methanol to Hexamine. The low consumption of Ammonia as well as power consumption in the operation makes our Hexamine plant a profitable venture.


Salient Features :


  • The plant outlay is highly economical and involves low initial investment.
  • Plants designed by us have a high yields of Methanol to Hexamine i.e.1550 Kg of Methanol to 1000 Kg of Hexamine.
  • Low consumption of Ammonia i.e. 515 Kg per ton of Hexamine.
  • Economical power consumption of only 350 KW per ton of Hexamine produced.
  • It is also low on steam consumption of only around 200 Kg per ton which is readily available from the Silver Catalyst based formaldehyde plants. Thus a dedicated Boiler is not required.