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Aldehydes India

Metal Oxide Process

Metal Oxide Process

The Excess Air (Metal Oxide Catalyst) Process Technology is offered by ATEC under a General Licensing Agreement with world renowned process licensors, M/s Haldor Topsoe A/S (Denmark).

Aldehydes Indis’s Excess Air (Metal Oxide Catalyst) Process affords simultaneous production of Aqueous Formaldehyde (AF37/AF55) and Urea Formaldehyde concentrate (UFC85) in the same plant.

Aq.Formaldehyde (i.e. 37% concentration Formaldehyde with varying stabilizing Methanol content of 0.40% to 12% or 55% concentration) finds end use application in lamination industry, intermediate chemical for Oil field formulations, raw material for Insulation/Fiberglass industry, Fumigant for Poultry Farms, basic chemical for Synthetic Resins, Moulding Compounds, Powdered & liquid Resins, Organic dyestuff, Explosives, Soil disinfection chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Inorganic Synthesis, Leather and Fur industries, Metal working industries, Paper processing, Rubber industry, Textile industry, Water Treatment industry, Sugar industry, Photographic Chemicals, Foundry moulds, embalming Fluids & Preservatives. Formaldehyde is the basic building block for a wide range of down stream derivatives.