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Paraformaldehyde Plant

Established as a well-regarded figure in the industry, we are engaged in delivering Paraformaldehyde Plant. As a Supplier, we cater to the specific requirement of customers in different designs. We put quality on the top of our priority list. A number of quality tests are run by our quality team to ensure there are no defects whatsoever. It is popular worldwide due to its effective performance, intricate design and longer life.

Process Technology :
Complete technological Know-How and Design/Engineering of Paraformaldehyde plants (5 MTPD to 30 MTPD Capacity) is available with us in Association with ATEC under various process options.

Typical Product Composition

  • Constituent : Composition by wt. %      
  • Formaldehyde content : 91-96 + 1.0      
  • Ash content : 100 ppm max.      
  • Acidity (as formic acid) : 0.03 max.      
  • Empirical formula : HO-(HCHO)n – 1    

End-use applications of Paraformaldehyde are in resin manufacture (Phenolic / Amino Resins), Anticaking agent for Urea, manufacture of Surface coating Resins, Adhesives, Ion exchange Resins, Friction Dust Industry, Formaldehyde substitute / Formaldehyde donor, Disinfectants, Insecticides and Pesticides industry, manufacture of Dyestuffs & special Plasticizers

Flaked / Granual Paraformaldehyde Process

  • (89-91)% Flaked Paraformaldehyde Production paraformaldehyde Flakes are produced in a two step process involving evaporation concentration in multiple effect evaporators followed by rapid cooling & flaking on chilled cooling & flaking on chilled conveyors.
  • (91-96) % Granular Paraformaldehyde Production A system comprising special Evaporators and Rotary Dryers is used for Granular Paraformaldehyde production
  • (91-96)% Prilled Paraformaldehyde Production the plant is designed using a combination of Spray Drying and Fluidized Bed Drying unit operations.