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Polyoxymethylene Plant

Owing to our experience in the industry for years, we strive to deliver nothing short of perfection. Continuing in the same vein, we offer Polyoxymethylene Plant (POM). As a reputed Supplier, we make sure the raw material is procured from the vendors who pin quality on the top of their priority list. It is made certain that the quality of raw material meets the various parameters and standards set by industry.

Additional Information : Nowadays engineering plastics (Polyacetal, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyphenylene oxide, polybutyl terephthalate and polyethylene terephthalate) are very popular rather than thermoplastic resins. Polyacetal (Acetal Resins or Polyoxymethylene/POM) are any of several polymers of formaldehyde and trioxane. As the molecule has no side chains, dense crystals are foamed; Acetal resins are hard, rigid, strong, tough and resilient.