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Resin Technology

With the association and support of Yago OY of Finland , Aldehydes India offers cutting edge formaldehyde resin technology solution meeting the best of emission norms in the world. The wood panel mills where the Resin Technology is desired most seek superior quality resin solution in competitive prices.

Benefits of Using Our Resin Technology :
  • Environment friendly
  • Cost-effective formaldehyde- based resin technology systems.
  • Significant cost-saving benefits with production and board process unchanged.
  • Customized/Tailor-Made Resin Technology.
  • Resin design to optimize viscosity, solids content, tackiness, dry out and emission properties of the wood panel boards.
  • Meets E1, E0 or Super E0 emission norms, without addition of melamine to boards which represents substantial cost reductions.
  • Meets all International Standards.
  • Tailor-made, cost-effective and optimum performance resin technology solution.
  • Innovative and continuous research and development.

In association with process engineers of world repute, we can assist you in the selection of proper resin technology for your process. We can offer the right resin, catalyst, demolding agent, low profile additive, coupling agent, filler and many other useful products of your use. We have a team of specialists who understand how to optimally formulate and apply resins. Aldehydes India has provision of a premium, low cost formaldehyde solution with specifications tuned for your particular resin production.

Resin Technology Products Includes :

Particleboards - PB
  • Resins : UF, UMF, MUF or MUPF or PF, for E2, E1, E0 and super E0 boards.
  • Additives : Activators, Scavengers and Special Hardeners.

MDF - Boards
  • Resins : UF, UMF, MUF for E2, E1, E0 and Super E0 board production.
  • Additives : Activators or Cross-linkers.

Scavengers and Latent Hardeners


  • Amino Based Resins : UF, UMF, MUF or MUPF for E2, E1 and E0 boards.
  • Phenolic Resins : PF fast curing and low cost
  • Additives : Hardeners

Impregnation Technology
  • UF and MF for low pressure laminates as well as per post forming.
  • Additives : UF-Hardener, Latent hardener, plasticizer, modifier

Particleboard Lines
Short Cycle Laminating

Other Technologies

Aldehydes India, with its association with the leading plant manufacturers across the globe can arrange technologies for any petro - chemical industry and in the Organic chemical industry.